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What Is A Maxi Dress?
The maxi dress, one of the best fashion trends of the past, has made a comeback. This is great news for all women, as they are appropriate for all shapes and ages. These ankle length dresses are made of lightweight fabric which speak romance and femininity while gracefully flowing as you walk.
The dress is versatile, fitting everyone's budget and taste, and can be worn whilst you pop to the shops, on a dinner date and everything in between. And they are also the perfect cover-up to wear at the beach.
What Styles?
The styles, the different fabrics, and the choices of color and prints are numerous -- sleeves, no sleeves, v-neck, and scoop neck; empire waist, no waist; every color under the rainbow is available, from simple white to the traditional 1960's patterns, stripes, floral prints, bold and small prints. Your options are almost endless. These dresses are made to flatter all body types. But don't take our word for it; try one on today and see for yourself.
Worn with the maxi dress determine the occasion and mood. For day time wear, choose a dress with a halter style or empire waist, put on your flip flops or thong sandals. A floppy hat looks great with the maxi dress too. Put on your shades and carry an over-sized purse and costume jewelry. An ankle bracelet looks especially nice with these feminine dresses.
You can take that day time dress into the evening; to dinner or dancing. Just remove the floppy hat, sandals and over-sized purse and put a pair of sexy heels on your feet (open toes,) and carry a clutch purse. Or speak ultra sexy with a strapless or one strap maxi dress. Don't forget the lipstick!
You bet, celebrities such as Miley Cyrus and Jessica Alba are wearing them, capturing the chic, fun and fancy free look. Maxi dresses are summer's most fashionable trend, and for all the right reasons -- affordability, comfort, the numerous styles to choose from, and the way they make women feel feminine and pretty! One simply can't have too many.
You can't go wrong wearing a maxi dress. A word of caution: Be prepared to turn heads as you walk into a room wearing one!